NuVo Corporate Team

There exist two (2) positions with NuVo Corporate.  Our desire is to have everyone at Corporate contributing to make every part of our program awesome!

We are looking for dynamic, energetic individuals with a proven track record in their field of expertise and a desire to build a very significant business for themselves in the health, fitness, performance and LifeStyle market.

Remuneration will be based on revenue generation and hitting our numbers.
  • Our desire is to pay each of the 5 members of the Corporate Team a minimum of $100k in year one and $25k/mth in following years.
  • Each member of the Corporate Team will benefit from a 9.9% equity stake in the company and 10% profit sharing.
The really exciting element for the NuVo Corporate Team is in subsequent years where we move out aggressively - to 50 major North American markets in 2023 and another 50 major global markets in 2024.  We already have people in mind for Territory Managers in a great many of these markets.

To apply  for this position, please send your CV and a cover letter to Ross Harvey at