NuVoWay LifeStyle Centre, NDG

Our flagship.  Plans are underway to create the most beautiful and functional club in the world, right here in NDG, Montreal.   The club will feature 8 courts each of racquetball, squash, tennis and badminton as well as a state of the art fitness facility and sports bar/resto.  In an economy where clubs are downsizing and closing, our intention is to make a very positive statement to the world that racquet sports are alive and growing once again.  

Founding Member Program

We are currently seeking 1000 investors at $10,000 each to fund the creation of this Centre.  All funds will be held in trust until the necessary dollars are received to begin the construction.  All founding members will be celebrated with a large plaque in the foyer of the club.

Overseeing the project:

  • Dr. Brent J. Brooks - Chief Operating Officer, G3     
  • John Saba - Chief Financial Officer, G3
  • Leon Maliniak - Chief Legal Officer, G3
  • Peter Kelly - Co Chair, G3
  • Michael Murphy - Construction Manager

Please fill out the following form if you are interested in investing in tthe Founding Member Program: Click here.  

To avoid disappointment, please act rapidly as we anticipate the response to be great.