Reaching Outwards

Our overall goal is to touch every person in every market we enter with our NuVo Way message, products and/or services and through this to make a profound, positive and long-term difference in the life of every person in every market we enter, ultimately every person on earth!.  While we are a holistic health and wellness company, we see ourselves more as a LifeStyle company, helping people to live out their ideal/dream lives.  We believe that sports, specifically racquetball/racquet sports and golf are a necessary component of the ideal life.

The heart of our program lies with racquet sports, specifically racquetball.  We believe that racquetball is the greatest sport  God has given to mankind.  As such, we are focused on bringing racquetball courts and the sport at all levels (professional, club, juniors...) to every community in every city in every country across the world.   The intention is to have plans ready and shovels in the ground for 250 NuVoWay LifeStyle Centres by 2030.  In addition, our plan is to, wherever possible, use people from the racquet sports to fill positions in our organization (Territory Managers, Area Managers, NuVoWay LifeStyle Coaches, NuVoWay LifeStyle Centre owners...).
To see more about the plans for our flagship location in Montreal, QC, please see NuVoWay LifeStyle Centre NDG.

Ross Harvey's global visions may be found here:  G3 Visions
To see our anticipated progression in every Territory we enter, please read this document:

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Giving Back 

At the very heart of NuVo is a commitment to giving back to our communities, bringing this world closer to equality for all. This philosophy begins where it must with the leaders of NuVo and extends down through every person in our organization. Each and every NuVoWay LifeStyle Coach gives of their time weekly to help those who cannot afford their services. They do this not because it is enforced on them, but, because it is their choice in creating a better community and world.

From a corporate perspective, we are committed to giving a full 10% of total profits to the NuVoWay Foundation, which has as its mission the elimination of all scourges across the world and bringing this world closer to equality for all of mankind.  

A Ten Year Vision For NuVo

  • To lead in the development and marketing of products, technologies and services related to health, fitness, performance and lifestyle.
  • To have NuVoWay FIT Centres and NuVoWay LifeStyle Centres in every major city in every country around the world.  To be the leaders in global health, fitness and racquet sports.
  • To establish NuVoWay LifeStyle Magazine as the leader in its category.
  • To receive an honorary Doctorate for EDG technology from Harvard Medical School.
  • To become a part of the Harvard Business School’s curriculum as the ideal model for distribution and long term customer support.
  • To become a word in Webster’s Dictionary - NuVo - meaning THE BEST - that’s NuVo!!
  • To be acclaimed not only for Technology, Product, Process and People, but also for our commitment to charitable causes.

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