LifeStyle matters.  Every person on the planet deserves to live their ideal life.  

OUR MISSION...  Every person at NuVo shares a common and singular focus...a commitment to excellence and never ending improvement in every facet of our business. This commitment has gotten us to where we are extremely quickly...and will take us to where we are going in QUANTUM LEAPS.

WHERE ARE WE GOING?...Our objective is to be the best at what we do...not necessarily the biggest. We want to be associated with quality and integrity. We want to 'raise the bar' for the entire health  & fitness industry...bringing other companies along with us to new heights.  We want to be to our industry what Toyota is to automotive...unparalleled excellence, value and customer service.

HOW DO WE KNOW WHEN WE HAVE MADE IT THERE?... When YOU pick up our product and use it with COMPLETE confidence we are one person closer...when someone in Sydney, Paris, Rio, Tokyo or Dubai does likewise...ditto. 

OUR PEOPLE...It wasn't a chance meeting, but, NuVo has thrown a group of very different, but, very similar people into the mix...creating a synergistic dynamo.  These individuals...all leaders in their respective areas of expertise...have come together on this mission because they want to give back...and in so doing improve the quality of your life and the lives of those less fortunate.

SURROUNDING OURSELVES WITH GREATNESS...It is no secret that success comes to those who surround themselves with great people...and then allow these people to do their thing.  In moving outward and taking on the world...this is our philosophy.  Our goal is not to build a force of robots, but, to include free-thinkers and rebels who have achieved outstanding results in their field and can contribute to making us better.

HOLDING OURSELVES TO A HIGHER STANDARD...Sizzle AND substance...our commitment to ourselves and our loyal to deliver the finest available products and services to improve your quality of life.  

PRODUCT BEFORE PROFIT...We don't consider our product to be simply what is inside our bottles, cans or wrappers.  It is the collective excellence of product, of people, of services and of promotion, which combine to give you the confidence and assurance that you are doing the right thing for your body. Committing to excellence of this nature is expensive...but we think you're worth it!

LIVING OUR DREAM...We don't just say it...we do it.  We are living our dream daily. Being tied so strongly to a mission is empowering.  It heightens every moment.  It strengthens your conviction.  It creates a clarity and focus.  Most importantly, there is a feeling of satisfaction which makes it fun!  When you drop by our corporate office in Montreal, you will see us at the office at very weird hours...because we love what we do.  Because we have created an environment we love to be around...and because we love the people we work with.

ANSWERS TO IMPORTANT QUESTIONS...What do people need to make their lives easier and better?  What areas of life are the masses struggling with?  We have the how can we make it better?  How else can we help? Through our diffuse network we have hundreds of top-notch people, all leaders in their respective fields, contributing to our knowledge base.  These people...all staunch supporters of NuVo and what we stand us to drive product, system and service development into areas of need.

MAGIC CARPET RIDE...We are on a mission. Join with us and we will take your life to new heights...physically, mentally, spiritually, financially.  Do you have what we are looking for?  Come for a ride with us.  


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