NuVoWay Territory Manager - Greater Montreal

Your Role
In your role as Territory Manager you will:.
  • Divide the territory into 4-5 Areas and secure an Area Manager for each.
  • Help the Area Managers to find 25 dynamic and aggressive individuals to train as NuVoWay LifeStyle Coaches
  • Along with the Area Manager assist the NWLSC's to develop their Zone to include more than 1,000 NuVoWay LifeStyle Management app members.
  • You will be responsible for warehousing and delivery of all products to Area Managers.  Together we will outline the needs in this area.

Your Rewards
You will receive 5% of all revenues generated within the territory
  • NuVoWay LifeStyle Management app Memberships.  Our goal is to have each NWLSC develop a membership base of 1000/members/clients in their Zone.  At 100-125 NWLSC's and $100/yr, this represents $10-12.5M in sales of which 5% or $500-625k/yr goes to the Territory Manager.
  • Own your own NuVoWay LifeStyle Centre inside 5 years with virtually no money down and greater than 10,000 members from day one!  In Year 3 (2024) we will build a NuVoWay LifeStyle Centre in the Territory for which you will have a 49% equity stake in the business and will be responsible for its operation.

To apply for this position please send a cover letter and CV to Ross Harvey,